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Prescott Culture Construction

Prescott, AZ Licensed Contractor

About PCC

As a 4th Generation Prescottonian, young entrepreneur Nick Dennis formed PCC. With the help and partnership of his mentor Ron Karcie, former general contractor and remodel expert, PCC can Offer a combined 50 years of construction experience. There are almost no challenges we can not handle.

PCC holds high value in managing a small, highly trained crew to handle 80% or more of all the work in house. We train all our employees on a mission, to grow them in all construction trades, and teach them how to handle any challenge large or small.

Holding in house employees allows PCC to have record time completion on projects. Not having to work around other contractors already busy schedules is a huge factor. Along with having the proper chemistry among the crew. Creating talented efficient workers.

At PCC we always stand by or work and clients. Currently only managing 2-3 Jobs at once, allows total focus on you and your agenda.

Construction is our culture, PCC eats, sleeps and breathes new concepts and ideas. Always taking on the next challenge. We wake up everyday happy to go to work and seize the day.

Building your home culture, with quality craftsmanship, everytime.

I only stand for quality.

The job is guaranteed at your 100% satisfaction ALWAYS. I take every measure to be clean and organized, while maintaining top of the line professionalism. Everything is always taken to the next level and built strong to last.

Owner, Prescott Culture Construction